Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gratitude Tuesday: Rain

We are supposed to get a considerable amount of rain this week. Any rain is considerable since it's California and if we get a light sprinkle every news station in the state beings their "storm watch" coverage.

For the most part I love the rain, I would love it more if I could spend all rainy days in my pjs spooning and watching movies but you can't always get what you want. Here are a few silly reasons why I'm grateful for the rain:

  • I can use my embarrassingly bright umbrella. I figure if I'm going to carry an umbrella then I'm going to consider it an accessory to whatever I happen to be wearing that day so I want it to stand out. 
  • I can use my embarrassingly bright rain boots (for the same reason as my umbrella). 
  • I like pretending I'm 5 for a moment and jump in a few puddles, with my rain boots on of course.
  • I use the rain as an excuse for making peaceful playlists. I gather up all my "quiet" music and amplify the already calming effect of the sound of rain with some tunes.
  • I also like using the rain as an excuse for getting comfy with pjs, a fluffy robe, moccasins and a blanket. No one can say you're being lazy, it's just natural to want to veg out.
  • Finally, it's the perfect time to watch old classic movies. Deep down I'm an old soul and really enjoy watching Bogart, Grant, Wayne and all my other favortie old timey leading men. I can be a bit of an AMC & TMC remote hog.

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