Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It was brought to my attention that I use the same phrases/sayings over and over. I guess I’m predictable or the people who are forced to spend copious amounts of time with me just want me to start using different words. This list was presented to me. It’s pretty embarrassing, mostly because it’s true, but I’m still going to share it.

-Lame: usually drawn out when said so it sounds like “laaaaame”

-Lock it up: normally used in place of “shut up” because according to Angela it’s “less offensive”

-Silly: everything and everyone that has come into contact with her has been called "silly" at one point or another.

-Oh my word: a habit taken up while teaching second grade because saying “Oh my god” is a no, no, in front of the kids.

-Oh no: usually drawn out and said in a high pitch tone similar to the Mr. Bill clay-mation SNL cartoon.

-Sigh: the word “sigh” isn’t said but the act of sighing is made, a lot. It’s the most expressive phrase in her arsenal.

-Yes: also drawn out to sound like “yesssss” or often times said “yessssh” because she watches The Office too much.

-Creeper: used to describe what she dubs to be "weirdo" men. These "creepers" can be found anywhere but use bars as there main hangout.

-Laughing: laughing follows most everything she says or does no matter what the subject or mood.

To end on a note that doesn't have to do with things I say or do far too often, here is a photo of one of the goofy looking wild turkeys who wish they could be apart of the office anmial crew:

Friday, December 19, 2008

On a whim

 lIn the past few days all my normal personality traits have been completely abandoned. I have been staying up late (I’m usually fast asleep by 11:00pm at the latest. I know, I’m an old lady), partly because my mind wont rest and because I am rekindling my love of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I got my hair cut on a whim. I had a dream in which I had short hair so I went with it and just chopped it off. Normally I would obsess over the matter and plan it all out before even considering changing a thing. To top it all off I’m waaay behind on the whole holiday season thing. I usually have all my shopping done in advance and would be well on my way to baking up a storm of things that I shouldn’t be eating in the first place. Instead, I just realized that both Christmas and my birthday are fast approaching and neither of them are first on my list of priorities. I have a feeling this means I’m getting old or am just far too busy. Either way, I need to kick it into high gear and start acting like its Christmas time before it’s too late and be forced to fight for gifts on Christmas Eve with the rest of the slackers.

In other news, I really want to see this:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

It snowed recently and it’s gotten fairly low. Yesterday I hoped that there would be snow at the office but it was mostly slushy and wet, no real snow on the ground. But it rained last night so I grabbed my rain boots and brought them with me to work just in case (I don't have the proper shoes for snow so my polka dotted rain boots are a substitute for real boots). I got lucky today and there was snow at the office. So, on my lunch break I put on my boots and trekked around on the property behind the office. I wanted to go play in the snow so badly last year when I was back home but ended up getting really sick and that put a stop to any kind of plans of outdoor fun so this time around I'm hoping I can stay healthy and have a full day of snow rather than just a lunch break in it. I'm going to try and get some photos of the snow tomorrow if its not all melted by then. Since I've had a photo for every blog so far, here is a picture of Fancy helping get some serious work done.

The cats are growing on me but I still wish we had dogs in the office everyday rather than once in a while....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Office Cats

I've never been a cat person so having to work in an office with 3 cats took a while to get used to. All of them are a little bit weird though. Fancy, the "boss" of the office has what I like to call "judging eyes". She just stares you down as if she is reading you and thinking about her next move in some diabolical plot. Simone, is one of those cats that is afraid of everything and she steals. When you're not looking she'll steal a pen or post it and hide it under her cat bed. Then there is Peelet. P, as I like to call him, is VERY overweight. He has be around 20 pounds and I like to imagine him as an old bald man that only wears plaid and suspenders.

P has taken a liking to me, for whatever reason and has abandoned his bed for my desk/lap. Which at first was very cute. Until he was napping on my paperwork, stepping on my keyboard, sitting on my mouse causing half finished emails to be sent and clawing my lap. I literally come home covered in cat hair. I need to invest in a really good lint roller.

But having an overweight cat fall in love with you isn't too bad, now that it's getting cold out I know I will have a fur lap blanket waiting for me at work everyday! Here is chubby, stinky Peelet. Dazed and confused is his normal look:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This might be a bad idea...

Honestly, having this thing seems kinda silly.

But I figure it will be a good way to allow friends who would normally have the benefit of seeing/hearing all of these stories straight from the horses mouth (i.e. me) to now just get a sense of all the random stuff that happens to me through a sarcastic blog.

So, work is at best amazingly random. The way I got the job was completely odd and the setting in which I work is equally as odd. Having an office job in an old converted restaurant does have its perks though, for a while my desk was in the kitchen--easy access to food! But now I'm sharing one VERY large double "L" shaped desk with a quirky gay graphic designer in what once was the dining hall and we have tons of sarcastic fun together all day. He seriously makes work fun and he has a drawer in his file cabinet full of junk food. He is almost perfect...

Today, we listened to one of the Harry Potter soundtracks, munched on peppermint chocolates and talked about what words we dislike the most (I hate the words panties and moist, turns out he does too). I swear we get A LOT of work done in between all of the eating and pointless conversations.

I don't have any pictures of the office yet because I feel weird about whipping out my camera and photographing the whole place so for now, here is a picture of what I get to see everyday on my way to the office:

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