Thursday, December 4, 2008

Office Cats

I've never been a cat person so having to work in an office with 3 cats took a while to get used to. All of them are a little bit weird though. Fancy, the "boss" of the office has what I like to call "judging eyes". She just stares you down as if she is reading you and thinking about her next move in some diabolical plot. Simone, is one of those cats that is afraid of everything and she steals. When you're not looking she'll steal a pen or post it and hide it under her cat bed. Then there is Peelet. P, as I like to call him, is VERY overweight. He has be around 20 pounds and I like to imagine him as an old bald man that only wears plaid and suspenders.

P has taken a liking to me, for whatever reason and has abandoned his bed for my desk/lap. Which at first was very cute. Until he was napping on my paperwork, stepping on my keyboard, sitting on my mouse causing half finished emails to be sent and clawing my lap. I literally come home covered in cat hair. I need to invest in a really good lint roller.

But having an overweight cat fall in love with you isn't too bad, now that it's getting cold out I know I will have a fur lap blanket waiting for me at work everyday! Here is chubby, stinky Peelet. Dazed and confused is his normal look:

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Jeff said...

So do you do things like this...

Nice blog Ang.

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