Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It was brought to my attention that I use the same phrases/sayings over and over. I guess I’m predictable or the people who are forced to spend copious amounts of time with me just want me to start using different words. This list was presented to me. It’s pretty embarrassing, mostly because it’s true, but I’m still going to share it.

-Lame: usually drawn out when said so it sounds like “laaaaame”

-Lock it up: normally used in place of “shut up” because according to Angela it’s “less offensive”

-Silly: everything and everyone that has come into contact with her has been called "silly" at one point or another.

-Oh my word: a habit taken up while teaching second grade because saying “Oh my god” is a no, no, in front of the kids.

-Oh no: usually drawn out and said in a high pitch tone similar to the Mr. Bill clay-mation SNL cartoon.

-Sigh: the word “sigh” isn’t said but the act of sighing is made, a lot. It’s the most expressive phrase in her arsenal.

-Yes: also drawn out to sound like “yesssss” or often times said “yessssh” because she watches The Office too much.

-Creeper: used to describe what she dubs to be "weirdo" men. These "creepers" can be found anywhere but use bars as there main hangout.

-Laughing: laughing follows most everything she says or does no matter what the subject or mood.

To end on a note that doesn't have to do with things I say or do far too often, here is a photo of one of the goofy looking wild turkeys who wish they could be apart of the office anmial crew:

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Ego said...


let me tell u that i use the words "laaaame, silly, creeper" quite a lot myself..

this is my way to tell u that u can get away with it concerning these three words lol

but i think using the same words over and over again is better than inventing your own wierd names for different jobs.. and thats what i cant stop myself from doing :(

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