Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This might be a bad idea...

Honestly, having this thing seems kinda silly.

But I figure it will be a good way to allow friends who would normally have the benefit of seeing/hearing all of these stories straight from the horses mouth (i.e. me) to now just get a sense of all the random stuff that happens to me through a sarcastic blog.

So, work is at best amazingly random. The way I got the job was completely odd and the setting in which I work is equally as odd. Having an office job in an old converted restaurant does have its perks though, for a while my desk was in the kitchen--easy access to food! But now I'm sharing one VERY large double "L" shaped desk with a quirky gay graphic designer in what once was the dining hall and we have tons of sarcastic fun together all day. He seriously makes work fun and he has a drawer in his file cabinet full of junk food. He is almost perfect...

Today, we listened to one of the Harry Potter soundtracks, munched on peppermint chocolates and talked about what words we dislike the most (I hate the words panties and moist, turns out he does too). I swear we get A LOT of work done in between all of the eating and pointless conversations.

I don't have any pictures of the office yet because I feel weird about whipping out my camera and photographing the whole place so for now, here is a picture of what I get to see everyday on my way to the office:

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