Thursday, December 3, 2009

In The Pursuit Of Craftiness: Monogram Tote

I love diy projects and wanted to share one with anyone who is looking to make their own tote bag. 

I got this idea from Design Sponge.

You'll need a tote bag, paper dolies, paint brushes or a sponge and paint. Use fabric paint if you have it, if not acrylic works just as well.

I painted the corners of the bag with the dolie and then went back with a paint brush to touch up and fill in any areas that needed some fixing.

After all the corners were finished I painted my first initial freehand. If you're not comfortable doing that I would suggest printing a font that you love from a word document and lightly tracing it on the bag.

Filling the tote with goodies and giving it as a gift would be a cute (affordable) and thoughtful present. 

Happy crafting!

1 comment:

Katie said...

super cute idea!

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