Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gratitude Tuesday: Strangers

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Today I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.

On my morning commute to work I found myself doing what I do nearly every morning: listening to KROQ while driving with my windows down because in the summer months I consider an air dry commute to be the perfect solution for not blow drying my hair.

While stopped at a red light, I must have been laughing at something said during the Kevin and Bean Morning Show because all of sudden I heard someone yelling "Hey!". I looked to my right and there was a little old man in a pickup truck perfectly in line with my passenger window, I realized he was yelling at me and instantly thought I was going to get yelled at about my driving. But instead he said "Hey, you're happy aren't you?" I was confused since I had expected to get snapped at so I replied "Well, I guess so... yes, I'm happy". Then he smiled, laughed and said "You have the nicest smile so I hope you're happy".

I had no idea what to say to that but thank you. After that I didn't know what to do, what is the etiquette for red light conversations with strangers? By the time I ran through what may have been a nice reply the light turned green and we went our separate ways. I don't know what made him want to talk to me but I appreciated it and I thought about it for the rest of day, especially since a morning drive to work isn't always the happiest thing. Since I didn't get a chance to say something nice back to him I figured the next best thing I could do was pay it forward to a co-worker. So, I complimented the small detailed things that get over looked but are still very special.

That little old man really made my day and all he had to say was "You have the nicest smile so I hope you're happy."


Carrie said...

haha, an old man flirted with you...


Angela Jay said...

I didn't look at it that way because of his age... silver fox?

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