Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twenty Five Things: Student Loan

 I made a plan of accomplishing at least twenty five things before I'm 25. Think of it as a new way to approach a new year's resolution or as a way to help me avoid a quarter life crisis. To be totally honest, its a way to hopefully avoid a quarter life crisis.

Some of the goals are plain silly while others are serious. Paying off my student loan was serious.

I'm really proud that I put myself through school, I worked my butt off for scholarship money and was lucky enough to receive a few grants along the way but my loan is what gave me my last push to receiving my degree. At the time it felt great to not have to ask for help. That is until my loan payments kicked in. Paying for something that isn't technically tangible feels like a waste of money. Yes, my degree got me a job, which I receive a tangible pay check for but it doesn't feel that way when you're paying for college when you're not in college anymore.

As soon as I made my first payment I told myself that I would have it paid off in full before I was 25. I wanted to get rid of it. I didn't want to pay extra in interest or stick to the "ten year payment plan" option that I chose when applying for the loan.

So, after a year of making LARGER than necessary payments, I'm happy to say that my degree is 100% mine, in effort and payments.    

One down, twenty four more to go!

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Katie said...

Good Job!! That is such an accomplishment :)

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