Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doppelgänger: Sarah Silverman

Wikipedia defines Doppelgänger as: the ghostly double of a living person.

Alright, so everyone on Facebook has been going nuts over "Doppelgänger Week" and although I do not feel that I resemble any celebrity I have heard time and time again that I look just like Sarah Silverman. I honestly I think the only reason people say this is because we're both pale and have dark hair. To me, that's where the comparisons end. But in the spirit of look-a-likes, here we are in all our pale brunette glory:

Seriously, I don't see it. Well maybe our noses... and jaw line... and smile. Crap, I see it now!

But hey, I think she's a pretty good looking lady and she's funny as hell so I don't mind the comparison too much.


Liz said...

YES! So good haha. Mine is Emmanuelle Chriqui. Its creepy.

Liz said...

I see it!! Mine is Emmanuelle Chriqui ^_^

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