Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday: Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is probably my all time favorite female singer. That's kind of a bold thing to write because I often say "so and so is my favorite" but no one can sing like Lady Day. Her voice is so unique. I have yet to hear anyone who has a comparable voice to hers. Covers of her songs like Strange Fruit (which almost always gets me misty) have been complete let downs. In my mind there's no touching her voice and the soul behind it.

My favorite song happens to be Autumn in New York. I know its not autumn and that I don't live in New York. But whenever I hear this song I imagine the energy of the city being exactly like this in the fall. Maybe someday I'll get to experience autumn in New York for myself, but until then I have Billie.


Makenzie said...

Strange Fruit is my favorite. Well, one of my favorites. It's extremely deep and intense and really does make you feel almost remorseful.

Angela said...

Strange Fruit always gets me near tears. I'm such a sucker for emotionally charged music.

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