Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free Time Gets Weird

I'm not very good at having free time. As much as I may dream of having a break with nothing to do, I honestly can't handle it. Whenever I have a totally free moment I end up feeling restless and my mind takes me places I didn't know I had.

Now sometimes that mind travel can be great, other times it can be bad and then there are times like today when it's just plain weird.

While on my lunch break at work I actually took a real break instead of working through my lunch, reading a book, listening to my iPod, or talking/texting someone I know who isn't busy. It was just me, my food and my thoughts. Thoughts like:

"Has Angela Lansbury been old her entire life? It's like she found the secret of never aging only she found it when she was 65 and has to stay a senior citizen permanently."

"When do clothes become laundry and laundry become clothes?"

"Why is hair gross when it's not on your head? It's my own hair but once it's on a comb or gotten loose and found on an item of clothing it's instantly disgusting."

"Sometimes people will refer to a group of men hanging out together as a 'sausage fest', what do people say about a group of women hanging out? The first thing that comes to mind is 'taco stand' and the fact that that's the first thing I can think of creeps ME out."

Luckily, I only have 30 minutes for lunch so I didn't get much further than that. Lord knows how much other weird stuff I could have dug up. This is why even in my downtime I need to remain in a constant state of activity.


Liz said...

This cracked.me.up. You're hilarious! Taco stand lololol.

Katie said...

good thoughts to ponder haha.

I hate down time too!

Angela said...

At first I thought "taco stand" was funny but when you can make yourself uncomfortable then you know you've hit a whole new level of weird.

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