Thursday, June 3, 2010

There's Stars In My Eyes And There's Sun In My Hair

I have been a slacker in terms of blog posts this week. But I've had to play catch up, having Monday off for Memorial Day was such a blessing as I needed the break but ended up being a burden when I had an inbox full of fun emails to go through.

I'm still feeling the afterglow of an awesome mini vacation despite my office workload. I hopped on a train to Oakland to see two of my favorite people and see one of my favorite bands, She & Him. I was so stoked to see them live. Zooey Deschanel is my style muse and seeing my girl crush in person was rad. M. Ward has got this effortlessly cool vibe about him that gave their set a seasoned feel even though they're a relatively new band with only two albums under their belt.

One of the best parts of the night (it's kind of hard to pick what's best since seeing my best friends, beer tasting at Pyramid, cute merch and a free drink ticket at the show were pretty darn awesome too) was the fact that they had two encores, totally unexpected and completely satisfying. I loved every minute of it. I took some video, which is surprising because I'm usually too busy singing/dancing when I'm at a show to even think twice about video but I love them so much I have to share:

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Liz said...

SO SO SO SO insanely jealous you got to see She & Him and my girl Zooey. Lucky!

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