Friday, May 28, 2010

Instax Photo Friday: Xena

The story of Xena (or as I like to call her, Beaner) is awfully sweet. My family didn't necessarily pick her so much as she picked us. She was a stray dog wandering around our neighborhood when I was about 16. For some reason she decided hanging out in front of our house would be a good place to be, so naturally we felt sorry for her but tried to keep our distance since we already had a dog at the time and didn't think two would be a very good idea. Well, she was persistent and would spend entire days outside of our house and chase our cars down the road when we would leave.

Eventually, I caved and gave her food, played with and pet her. I fell in love pretty fast. She must have too, because the next day I came home and she was in our house. The only strange thing about this was no one let her in. She dug a hole under our fence and let herself in through our doggy door. After that we decided she was ours, or rather she decided we were hers.

Beaner and her "don't steal my soul with your camera" face. 

After about a month of calling her random names a kid who lived in a nearby neighborhood identified her as Xena. She had been his dog and his family was going through some rough times and as a result she was forgotten about. Upon seeing how happy she was with us he told us to keep her. She has been a sassy pain in the butt ever since, but I do love her very much. Who doesn't love a pint size dog perfect for cuddling?

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