Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Snack

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Mi español no es muy buena, mi Spaniglsh es mejor. Te prometo que soy mitad Mexicana, pero no lo sabría.


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Translation: Happy 5th of May! My Spanish isn't very good, my Spanglish is better. I promise I'm half Mexican, but you wouldn't know it.  

Today is Cino de Mayo and you'll probably want a yummy snack after you're done polishing off a few Mexican beers or Margaritas, right? This snack is really simple, even Gringos can handle it:

1. Take a flour tortilla and heat both sides on your stove. No pan needed just toss it on your gas burner and flip that baby with your hands, of course be careful not to burn yourself. No one wants to spend Cinco de Drinko in the hospital.

2. Take the tortilla off the burner and put a pad of butter on one side. Spread the butter around so it melts evenly. 

3. Sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on the buttered side of the tortilla.

4. Roll up and enjoy! 

This used to be one of my favorite snacks as a kid and was a cheap/quick dessert in college when I had no money to buy something to curb a sweet tooth attack. 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo!

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