Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twenty Five Things: Characture

Some of my twenty five before twenty five are really ridiculous, like this:

Yeah, unfortunately I'm that corny. Or maybe fortunately? Unless you happened to be with me while I was getting it drawn, then that's unfortunate for you because:
a) Lots of people felt the need to stare at me like a zoo animal
b) I was pretty darn giddy and couldn't stop laughing during it
c) You had to let the general public know that we're friends, embarrassing...

I didn't realize I had a such a giant forehead until this was drawn. Maybe I should get bangs to cover that monster up. Although, the man who sketched me advised that I make a few hundred copies for all my boyfriends. Flattery works on me because I gave him a nice wink and a tip. Oh boy!

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