Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Catchphrase is defined as a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance.

I tend to utter this far too often:


It usually sounds dragged out like "laaame" and I'll use it to express frustration and annoyance. Ex: "Internet Explorer is lame, I wish everyone would stop using it."  On the flip side, it can also be used to express jealousy or disapproval. Ex: You just told me you're going on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. My reply would be "LAAAME!"

Realizing that I say lame far to often I've thought about making a conscious decision to start using something else but have since convinced myself that saying lame sounds much more intelligent than repeating another phrase often overused by others like "stupid" or "gay". That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

What is your catchphrase?


Jpresnall09 said...

I really need to stop saying "You go girl" to myself. It's becoming LLLAAAAMMMMEEEE.

Liz said...

Definitely would have to be 'srsly.' Ex:
person 1: I can't believe she thinks her ass looks good in those pants.
me: SRSLY.


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