Friday, April 30, 2010

What's Your Favorite?

 I've been lagging on blog posts this week and I read Liz's fill in the blank post and decided it would be a quick way to get another post without much planning or thought. I know, lame, but I've been busy. Or at least that's my story...

1. Favorite Hobby?

I love going to shows. Music makes me really happy. I don't care if I know who the band is or what style of music it is (well, sometimes I care).

2. Favorite TV show?

The Office is ridiculous, it makes me smile every Thursday and any girl who doesn't want a Jim of her own is either in denial or has no need to want because she already has hers... jerk.

3. Favorite restaurant food? 

Chow Mein? Good. Affirmation wrapped in a yummy cookie? Good.

4. Favortie thing to shop for?

I had a tomboy phase for um... forever until about 3 years ago and now I'm obsessed with wearing dresses and rarely wear pants.

5. Favorite animal?

This was a hard decision because there are so many photos of cute puppies that I would love to make mine...

6. Favorite song?

In My Life by The Beatles is my favorite song of all time. Look up the lyrics and you'll see why.

7. Favorite word?

I almost never get to say it but pamplemousse is one of my most favorite words.

8. Recent favorite YouTube video?

Being Mexi-talian I happen to do an awesome chola impression, I even named my alter ego Rosa. She pretty much sounds just like this chick. "Don't be talkin' to me like you know me!"

9. Favorite movie?

I could watch Almost Famous a million times and never get sick of it.

10. Favorite childhood memory?

On family road trips my Grandma would sit in the backseat with my brother and I. Growing up in a rural area we would always pass by ranches and whenever we drove past a ranch with a white horse she would say "White horses are good luck, spit in your hand, make a fist with the other & rub in into your palm and make a wish." So, we would pretend to spit in our hand and smash it into the other and make a wish. Every time I see a white horse I think about this and make a wish.

Want to play along? Copy & paste the prompts below, answer each with a photo and a description.

1. Favorite hobby?
2. Favorite tv show?
3. Favorite restaurant food?
4. Favorite thing to shop for?
5. Favorite animal?
6. Favorite song?
7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video?
9. Favorite movie?
10. Favorite childhood memory?


Liz said...

So basically we need to watch Almost Famous {its also one of my faves} and do chola impersonations together. I didn't know you were Mexi-Italian! I'm 100% Mexican. But Glenn is half Italian. Aka our babies will be hot hahaha.

Angela said...

Yes, to watching Almost Famous and good looking Mexican/Italian babies. It's a good combo, not gonna lie. ;)

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