Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I Love: Blogs

Since my last post featured one of my favorite blogs, PostSecret, I figured that I would share a few more blogs that are on my list of daily/weekly reads:

Le Love Image:

Anything and everything about love is featured. I check this blog almost daily; it's romantic, sappy, cute, heartbreaking... you know, just generally girly and nausting. But I can't help but love it.

Design Sponge:

It’s do-it-yourself heaven! I love arts and crafts and this blog is always filling me up with new ideas for projects.

Fuck That Band:

If you take emo/pop/punk/hipster bands seriously don’t check out this blog. If you like making fun of said bands then check out this blog.

Once Wed:

I’m not going to be heading down the aisle anytime soon but I love this blog. The photography is beautiful and I love checking out all the personal touches that are used in the weddings featured. It inspires my own crafty adventures.


This site is my ultimate indie music resource. They have great interviews, reviews, videos and unique illustrations.

Any blogs/websites that are apart of your daily/weekly reads?

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