Friday, November 27, 2009

Wish List

Since I won't be out shopping with all the crazies on Black Friday I figured a wish list of the things I would like to have this year would be fitting.

First, the things that are unrealistic to add to my wish list:

Macbook Pro:

It's so shiny and pretty, who wouldn't want one?

Nissan Versa:

I don't know why I like you so much but I want you to be mine.

John Kransinski & Glenn Howerton Hybrid:

Ahhhhh... uh, I got lost in my fantasy, where was I?

Now for the things I really want (Well, I want the things above but that's not gonna happen... at least not anytime soon. A girl can dream though, right?):

Polaroid Notes:
I love sending letters and these are adorable, although I think I would have a hard time sending them since they are so fun.

I have lots of records begging to be played & turned into mp3s on this little guy.

Very Sunny Christmas:
If I can't have a John/Glenn Hybrid then I should at least have this.

500 Days of Summer:
Zooey is my fashion muse. Thus, I need this to stay inspired.

I want a fancy leather bound journal for my next 365-esque project.

And if someone could figure out how to give me the gift of time/money to spend on the things I enjoy with the people I love then you can forget alll that other stuff because that's what I really want.

So, what's on your wish list?

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