Monday, November 23, 2009

Work Shmerk: Fancy

No Music Monday post today. Mostly because I got caught up doing other things and by the time I realized it was Monday I wasn't feeling motivated to write an entire post about a band.

I would say that I was too busy to do a MM post but really this is what I did at work today:

If you don't know about Fancy, here is a quick run down:

  • She is a brat.
  • She believes that my sole purpose in the office is to play, pet and pay attention to her.
  • She thinks that anything I'm doing she should be doing too including: sitting in front of my computer monitor, trying to "meow" in the phone while I'm taking a conference call, chewing on my paperwork and trying to eat/drink my food during my lunch break.
I suppose we could consider this post to be a MM since there is awesome New Orleans style music playing in the background....

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